Middle School


Middle School (grades 6 – 8) is a crucially important transitional time in children’s lives. This is the crossing over from child to young adult, and their fresh minds can really start to grasp complex ideas, self-autonomy and responsibility. We continue to teach them to embrace their passions and interests as they learn.

St. Anthony offers a variety of clubs and activities throughout the school in order to supplement and enrich the educational program offered to its students. It is our hope that students will involve themselves in activities, which promote a spirit of cooperation and enthusiasm, foster initiative and teach responsibility. All activities are under the direction of the Student Government, divisional moderators, or club moderators who act in cooperation with the Student Activities Director.

Club/Group Activities/Purpose Student Membership
Art Club Learn and Explore more about art Students 6-12
Band/Tri-M Become better leaders through music Students 9-12
Science Club Science competitions and environmental programs Students 6 – 12
Junior National Honor Society Academics/Service/Fun Students 8-9 who meet requirements
LIFE / Music Ministry Retreats/Prayer/Liturgies/Choir Students 10 – 12 interested in ministry
Student Government Plan and execute school activities Students 6 – 12 elected student leaders
Riflery Club Improve marksmanship/Fun Students 6-12
Robotics Club Learn about robotics through practice and design Students 6-12




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