Campus & Facility


We are excited to announce that we are in the process of completing a fully developed Master Plan for the future of our school and Parish. Details of the plan will be released soon.

The St. Anthony School layout will greatly influence our success in teaching and learning, faculty and student morale, enrollment and retention, and school climate and culture. Our campus is and will continue to be well maintained, safe, and supportive of student learning. We value providing a sense of place that is reflective of our ‘ohana spirit.

With a deeply rooted history of the parish going back 170 years, our school campus has a story to tell with every building. Our Master Plan respects the past while balancing innovation to take us into the next 25 years.

The school was officially opened on September 10, 1883 by the first of three Brothers. Beginning in 1884, The Franciscan Sisters of Syracuse, New York staffed the girls’ school. The Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic began teaching as St. Anthony in 1928, with Sister Mary Celeste as principal. Dedicated lay teachers joined the St. Anthony faculty in 1950s.

Chaminade and Damien Hall were erected in 1925 when Reverend Justin Van Schayk was pastor of St. Anthony Church. Today, these historic buildings house the school administrative offices as well as ten classrooms and two computer labs. Maryknoll Hall was built in 1940 and today holds eight classrooms, an art studio and counseling offices.

The science facility was completed in 1967 with Father Alfred Vann, SS.CC. as pastor. A year later, the school became a coeducational institution and the junior high was added in 1971. The science labs were completely renovated and rededicated as the E. L. Weigand Science Building in 2005.

Marian Hall, the cafeteria, was built in 1959 while Father Robert Schoofs, SS.CC., was pastor. The Bishop Sweeny Memorial Library was built in 1965 while Father Walter Demeyer, SS.CC. was pastor. The library was renovated in 2002 and now houses the Harry C. and Nee Chang Wong Media Center. It is undergoing further renovation today as a FLEX Learning Center and includes a robotics lab, computer labs, and a communication and media lab.

St. Anthony Church and School are situated on 14.3 acres bordered by Lower Main and Mill streets in Wailuku. The parish and community rebuilt St. Anthony of Padua Church in 1980 in the modern style after a fire destroyed the earlier Gothic-style church in 1977.  The preschool houses children in a single-story building on the northeast corner of the triangular-shaped property. Grade school teachers and staff instruct students in seven classrooms, and staff members have an administration office in an elongated, single-story rectangular-shaped building. More than 140 students attend junior and senior high school classes in six classroom buildings, including the two-story Maryknoll Hall. In 2016, a Middle School will be launched also utilizing a refreshed Maryknoll Hall for part of the curriculum.