Why St. Anthony School?

At St. Anthony School, we provide a progressive educational experience that combines quality curriculum and 21st century competencies with Christian-Catholic values in the Marianist spirit. We work collaboratively to unlock each child’s full potential by balancing academic excellence and co-curricular activities in a safe and nurturing environment from preschool through graduation.

  1. SAS is committed to 21ST CENTURY TEACHING AND LEARNING and promotes a culture of critical thinking, effective communication, creativity and collaboration amongst students, teachers and administrative/athletic staff.
  1. SAS is an accredited, college preparatory school that supports SCHOLASTIC EXCELLENCE with academic rigor, high-level curriculum and the individualized support and guidance needed at each level of study.
  1. SAS is proud to incorporate CHRISTIAN-CATHOLIC VALUES in day-to-day lessons to help instill a foundation of moral character that is invaluable to your child achieving a lifetime of happiness and success.
  1. SAS is represented by outstanding ALUMNI, many of whom are leaders in our community and continue to contribute to society in a meaningful way.
  1. SAS is an important part of the MAUI COMMUNITY and has been for over 165 years. Compassion, caring and giving is part of our legacy that we nurture within each of our students.
  1. SAS knows that we are AN EXTENSION OF YOUR ‘OHANA, and keeping lines of communication with parents and guardians open, honest and constant, is as important to us as it is to you.
  1. SAS is a SAFE SCHOOL that offers a secure campus and a caring and nurturing environment of acceptance, respect and trust.
  1. SAS optimal teacher-to-student ratios offer more INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION and ability to identify, address or accelerate learning strengths or weaknesses in students.
  1. SAS is made up of OUTSTANDING FACULTY, each who are highly qualified and deeply invested in guiding our students towards success in part by modeling the virtues in which we strive to instill in our students.
  1. A PLACE YOU CAN CALL HOME – from your little ones’ first day of Preschool, to your young adults’ high school graduation day.