Every teacher and student has access to technology tools for 21st Century Learning.  Our network infrastructure provides high-speed Internet, full campus wifi coverage, and network printing that supports innovative teaching and learning.  

Teachers have Laptops, DocuCams, Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors, Printers, and access to the St. Anthony School Google Domain with the G Suite of Applications.  Teachers engage in ongoing Professional Development to further their skills as 21st Century Teachers and in alignment with the International Standards for Technology in Education.

Students have access to a variety of software applications, the Internet, and the Google G Suite of Applications.  

Grade School students have in-class desktop computer centers with 6-9 machines as well as access to chromebook laptops.

Middle School students have access to mobile labs of laptop computers, primarily Chromebooks as well as Windows 10 laptops.

High School students participate in a One to One Computing program for daytime use only combined with a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) laptop program.

Additional Shared Technology Resources include:

  • The Chaminade Computer Lab in the High School with Windows 10 Desktop Towers and a variety of software applications.
  • The CAM Lab in the Flex Center Equipped with high-end Digital Video Production Equipment, Broadcast Technology., and iMacs and Windows 10 Towers with Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and other related software.
  • The Wong A Robotics & STEM Lab in the Flex Center has a computer center with 3D Printing Capabilities
  • The Middle School Digital Media Lab is equipped with iMac Computers and Video Production Equipment
  • The Grade School Multi-Purpose Room in the has a Computer Center and is also home to the “GeoEd” program.

Through a variety of partnerships and funding sources, St. Anthony continues to build a technology infrastructure to support 21st Century Teaching and Learning.  


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