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At St. Anthony, our athletic program is at the heart of our school and promotes competitiveness, spirituality, and self-discipline. It compliments students’ academic pursuits by providing an avenue for team building and a common ground for school spirit and pride. In the 2014-15 school year, the St. Anthony Athletic Department saw a 96% student participation rate at the high school level. We strive to provide a quality experience for all student-athletes in the Roman Catholic tradition. We are committed to building character, developing responsibility, and promoting sportsmanship, which will become life-long traits.

To Expand Further…
The intent of St. Anthony’s athletic program is to promote the development of the student’s potential and to provide an understanding of the benefits of discipline, training, teamwork, commitment, and respect for authority and rules.

Parents and school personnel must join forces to promote a common value system that develops the character in young athletes our society so desperately seeks. Parents, coaches, teachers and school administrators must communicate their expectations with one another in order to present a united front that expects of young athletes nothing less than exemplary personal and social behavior. Emphasizing the promotion of these common core values will help our student-athletes instill a higher level of expectation in all aspects of life.

Athletics is an important aspect to education that St. Anthony Junior-Senior High School utilizes to help young men and women develop into responsible adults. As a school in the Marianist tradition, we build on and use the insights of Father William Joseph Chaminade to foster an atmosphere that challenges our young men and women to move beyond what they may perceive to be their limitations.

Winning is an objective but not an end to itself. The desire to win and the preparation to win can be used as powerful tool to teach and incorporate important values into the development of young people. The Characteristics of Marianist Education are used as a guide to determine and explain the various duties of a coach at St. Anthony School in our continued effort to develop the complete Christian student-athlete.


"The relationships that I forged with my instructors, mentors, and peers at St. Anthony form the core of who I am today."

Class of 2015

Jonathan Ibanez

College Student, University of Hawai‘i


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