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Congratulations to our first-ever St. Anthony School Rookie of the Month Award winners!
Sixth-grader Mia Roberts, Seventh-grader Grace Wright and Eighth-grader Kali Spalding all exemplified Kindness, the quality and pillar chosen to highlight in the Middle School for the month of August.
“Kindness is just being nice, and when someone’s feeling down, you lift them up,” Grace said.
“To always put others before yourselves” is how Kali defined kindness.
“There’s a lot of kind people here at St. Anthony. I like how I know who everybody is and how fast we’ve made friends,” Mia added.
The pillar for the month of September will be Respect.
From left: Mia, Kali & Grace
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St. Anthony gives a hand up to Hurricane Harvey

Middle schoolers donate $1,000-plus to Hurricane Harvey

WAILUKU – St. Anthony Middle School 8th-grader Maria King led a three-day money drive that garnered $1,141 for victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Maria placed jars at each of the middle school’s homerooms and encouraged students in grade 6 through 8 to donate cash and coins toward recovery efforts from the storm.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the southern coast of Texas on Aug. 25. The category 4 hurricane killed at least 70 people and produced epic flooding and property damage.

“I’m proud of my classmates at St. Anthony for responding so quickly by giving their dollars and coins to help other people,” King said. “It means a lot to me that we can reach out to people in need.”

Sixth-graders in Ernie Mendoza’s homeroom won a pizza party by bringing in $368, the most donations by any single class. Proceeds from the three-day money drive will be donated to Catholic Charities in Texas.



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Summer’s almost over!

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Mahalo nui loa to our St. Anthony  ‘ohana for their support this week in unloading and assembling new desks and chairs for our grade school and high school students.